Book: The Violence Continuum

What you will find in my new book, The Violence Continuum: Creating a Safe School Climate:

  • Practical suggestions for ways to engage others in a safe school climate effort and how to develop and implement a plan
  • How school climate and school culture are related yet different.
  • A step-by-step guide to the violence continuum mapping activity that can be used with both adults and students.
  • Examples of essential questions to help safe school climate committees, school staff, students, and parents define their common concerns and goals.
  • The New Golden Rule of Empathy, which takes an expanded view of the Golden Rule.
  • The historical mandate for public schools to teach more than academics.
  • Supporting statistics, research, graphics, and stories incorporated throughout the book
  • Discussion of the legal difference between bullying and harassment
  • How experience with and the type of violence varies with factors such as poverty, athletic privilege, disabilities, and gender.
  • Exploration of often overlooked female covert relational aggression.
  • Cyber-bullying including tips for safely using social media.
  • Strategies for embedding respect for diversity into all realms of school life, including curriculum and instruction.
  • Specific suggestions for the prevention, early intervention, late intervention, and post-incident response phases of a comprehensive safe school climate plan.
  • Bulleted lists of warning signs of bullying, characteristics of a toxic school climate, the cultural norms of a school, examples of teacher bullying, and desirable pro-social skills.
  • A glossary of the forms of violence along the continuum experienced by children in schools.
  • Examples of school climate assessment tools available.
  • A walk-through of the action plan process.
  • A fresh perspective on violence in schools and a belief that we can do something about it.

The Violence Continuum is now available online at


Barnes and Noble

Rowman and Littlefield Education

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