12 Essential Understandings

What you will find in my book Teaching is a Privilege: Twelve Essential Understandings for Beginning Teachers

Introduction: A is for [a Positive] Attitude

Essential Understanding 1: Teaching is a Privilege.

Essential Understanding 2: Your Attitude Sets the Tone for the Classroom.

Essential Understanding 3: We Are All Driven by Basic Needs.

Essential Understanding 4: You Are a Role Model.

Essential Understanding 5:  Everyone Has a Life Story.

Essential Understanding 6: Parents and Guardians Are Your Allies.

Essential Understanding 7: Character Education, Violence Prevention, and Multiculturalism

Are Not Separate Programs.

Essential Understanding 8: Teaching Is Like Acting.

Essential Understanding 9: It Is Counterproductive to Fight Human Nature.

Essential Understanding 10: You Must Have a Reason for Everything You Do.

Essential Understanding 11: Communication Is the Basis of Relationships.

Essential Understanding 12: Reflection Is the Key to Your Continued Growth.

This book is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher, Rowman and Littlefield Education.

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