Book: Teaching is a Privilege

What you will explore in Teaching is a Privilege: Twelve Essential Understandings for Beginning Teachers

Teaching is a Privilege is based on my belief that teaching is a privilege, dependent on positive relationships, and we need to be worthy of this important responsibility. The book focuses on the personal and professional attitudes and perceptions that translate into the kind of classroom climate a teacher creates for students and their parents.

We need teachers who respect parents and welcome them and their children with empathy, compassion, and high expectations regardless of their situation in life,  socio-economic status, or attitude toward school. I have taken what I know about children, motivation, empathy, trust, and the power of reflection to provide new teachers with twelve easy to remember essential understandings supported by specific ways to apply them to the classroom. (The essential understandings are listed on a separate page on this site.)

Book available at:


Barnes and Noble (including in Nook Book format)

From the publisher, Rowman and Littlefield Education,

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